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Mineral Powder Color Corrector - Purple

9 gm.


Adley Anne's Mineral Powder Purple Color Corrector is a light-diffusing powder concealer that corrects and adjusts to your skin's tone and layers for optimum coverage.

This high-tech color correcting, skin-smoothing concealer illuminates and brightens complexions instantaneously, so you’ll look more alert. The innovative formula and slight pop of purple banishes under-eye circles, erases dark spots (like sun exposure, dark patches, age spots, acne scars) and counteracts sallow undertones; giving every gal correction perfection. 

Adley Anne's Corrector is a Perfecting Corrector is a 3-in-1 multi-functional pure, organic mineral concealer that's great for the face and eyes, contains a built-in primer, and repairs and conditions delicate skin. It's lightweight and has a smooth, velvety finish—providing opaque, long-lasting, water-resistant, and stay-put coverage. The hi-definition, organic, no chemical formula makes this product always camera ready.