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Our Difference


Adley Anne Minerals Commitment to Consumer Safety

"Have Confidence in your Everyday Products, Choose Adley Anne"


Revive your Skin , Enhance your Youth 

At Adley Anne Minerals our ingredients are what sets our consumer products apart from other manufacturers. We are committed to our promise to follow FDA regulations and requirements of the U.S. food, drug and cosmetic act (FD&C). Part of our promise at Adley Anne is that some of our cosmetic products are all organic (mineral makeup, mineral lipstick, mineral blush and mineral foundation) made from natural minerals, contain no prohibited ingredients, and are substantiated and evaluated for safety before sent to market. 

Thanks to companies who have invested in the research it took to find the most safe and sanitary ways to process and produce cosmetics, Adley Anne can feel confident helping their consumers to feel more naturally beautiful in their skin.

*Adley Anne organic cosmetic powders are 100% pure mineral!
Because our objective is to provide a feeling of rejuvenation through makeup we refuse to use harmful bulking agents such as Talc and Bismuth Oxychloride which are known to clog pores and irritate the skin. 

Adley Anne mineral powder FACTS:
* will NOT clog your pores
* contain NO fillers, NO chemicals & NO oils.
* Are NOT nano-scaled
* Are NEVER less than 9 microns (as 1 micron or less can cause cell deterioration)
* contain NATURAL SPF through Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which offer a physical block from the Sun’s harmful UV Rays and protects from cell deterioration, aka. It is anti-aging and blocks the growth of bacteria.
*Soothing to your skin 
*Easy to apply 
*Multiple uses and color options for every season, style and hey, even for men!

*Easy to create many different looks and style 

It it because of the way organic products are made. Organic ingredients are almost completely natural and are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can alter your inner health and exterior body. To learn more about Organic Mineral Makeup and the ingredients that distinguish Adley Anne, please visit our blog/website at www.adleyanne.com