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About Us

Adley Anne Cosmetics believes that there is beauty in diversity. We also believe that beauty is reflected in all facets of our being regardless of race, age and ethnicity. This is the true foundation of Adley Anne Cosmetics.

But, we also know that in order to be successful, any business must by honestly steered by its Values and Promise. 

Our values reflect who we are. They guide how we build our business and define how we deal with our vendors, suppliers and ultimately, our customers. We strive to carry out our values of Integrity, Trust, Excellence, Innovation and Growth within every aspect of our business.

Adley Anne Cosmetics promises to deliver a superior brand that is cost-effective, coupled with world-class service and a commitment to every customer. We will listen to you, our customer, and continue to define our brand as we move forward. By carrying out these principles we trust that both sides benefit.

Every business has its own humble beginnings, and so it is with Adley Anne. We started this family business with long hours and plenty of sacrifice. But, with determination to succeed, we believed that Adley Anne Cosmetics was destined to go far. We thank you, our customers, for helping us get there and are humbled to play a part in helping you find your true beauty!