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Host a Beauty Party!

Make money by hosting one of Adley Anne's Beauty Parties.

How it works.

1. Pick the best time, date and guests wisely!

Your goal is to feel good and make money at the same time. Choosing the best time and date will help draw more beauty enthusiasts to your party. If you can let them come on weekends that's the most ideal.

2. Set the ground rules.
Each attendee will be entitled to a discount of 30%  and the host will receive 20% of the total purchase - a win-win situation. Adley Anne will provide all the materials and the beauty display including products for your friends to try. Ask that everyone show up on time so you finish and closed the sale in time. Unlimited earning potential on all Adley Anne Mineral products.
3. Free make-up training/sessions with our Professional Make-up Artist. Adley Anne will provide the host with a professional make up artist to help your attendees get the most of how make up is done.
4: Keep food and drinks separate
Sure you want to be a good host. But be sure to set up your refreshments away from the makeup! If you can sequester eats and drinks in a separate room, all the better. Perhaps you can even create your own beauty-themed signature drink.
5. Make it regular
Before everyone leaves, pick a date for the rerun!
Contact us to host your Beauty Party! cs@adleyanne.com